Hire Indigenous - First Nation Employment Platform

Hire Indigenous can increase employment outcomes for all Indigenous communities across Canada. With over 30+ years experience, WE can help create immediate impact with the integration of Hire Indigenous as a part of your community impact and sustainability plan. With a very low annual fee, Hire Indigenous aims to reduce barriers for entry to ensure VALUE exceeds cost of service.

If your First Nation would like to learn more about how we can help you manage your community workforce contact us today!

Measurable Impact, Value Creation & ROI

Hire Indigenous is designed to empower Indigenous communities and their community members with access to economic and social development opportunities. First Nations can post jobs, manage and track applicants and much more. Indigenous employment seekers can build their profiles, highlight their skills, experience and education then connect with great opportunities!

Our goal is to work with all Indigenous Communities to provide better access to Employment, Volunteer, Education and Training opportunities.


Designed to empower First Nations with a digital employment platform. Profile your members, post jobs and connect your community quickly to employment and training opportunities. Unlock opportunities by utilizing our innovative Indigenous technology.

Real-Time Indigenous Digitial Resume

Indigenous Employment Seekers can build a resume online, update skills real-time and connect/communicate immediately when opportunities are posted. Hi will even notify you automatically when a job is posted that matches your experience and/or interests!

ROI & Measurable Outcomes

Increase the engagement and return on investment (ROI) between your Nation Members and community stakeholders by utilizing the many features of Hire Indigenous such as; increased reporting and applicant tracking; real-time job application/notifications; digital resumes and much more!


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